Auza's smart IoT devices are next generation intelligent products. Smart Automation, one step ahead of obedient automation, is what we offer.

Relax and Control your Lights at
home from anywhere using an
intuitive easy to-use mobile app.
Control at your finger tips.

Installing our Product at home is
Simple and no-hassless job.Our
Smart products will connect to
your home WI-FI Network.

Go-easy-on-the-user kind of cost
will never make you regret.Put the 'Smart' in your home at easy pricing.

Compact and sleek design will
fit behind an existing Switch board
and gets attached to your existing
electrical lights and fans.

About Us

AUZA TECHNOLOGIES a tech start-up established with the objective to provide State-of-the-Art IoT based Automation targeted for Home, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants and Malls.

We strive to deliver Smart Products to enable users to control lights, fans,
air conditioners and any electrical appliance operated by a manual

Our Smart Products range enables the users to Smartify and
Connect electrical fixtures and appliances.

Our Team

Ravishekar Kalepu




Our Products



       Can be installed behind the mechanical switches without ruining the design        and style. Retrofit installations preserve room & interior aesthetics. Controls        most of the electrical fixtures like lights, fans, curtains, blinds and even lawn        sprinklers. Hence, reduces hassles in planning electrical wiring outlets.

        With the help of predefined Rules and Automation, it gives the convenience of         controlling lights from anywhere, even locked rooms for specified themes.


       It provides the obedient automation of Occupancy based lighting control ,        Power Savings Turns off unnecessary lights. Trigger light control based on        motion detection , fan control based on temperature & curtain control based        on ambient light.

       It helps us as a great security feature in Intrusion detection , alerts for entry in        restricted/unauthorised areas.




       Appliances control

       Targeted for TV and Geysers



       Touch buttons remote to control room lighting and HVAC

       Mobile app replacement targeted for Hotels and Hospitals



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